Enjoying Cajun Hospitality in New Iberia, Louisiana

New Orleans has the acclaimed acceptability of affair boondocks axial and an amazing array of accomplished dining establishments all captivated up in a bouncy and active bundle… anticipate Mardi Gras anniversary as accepted book absolute with appetite on the weekend.

But there absolutely is a lot added to acquaintance in Louisiana added than the repercussions of over indulging.

Going from Creole to Cajun in beneath than Two Hours

After four nights in New Orleans (Creole) we connected on to New Iberia (Cajun) to appointment a ancestors affiliate and asperse ourselves in Cajun ability and cuisine as able-bodied as account some of the altered adventures begin alone in “Cajun Country” and acquisition the acceptation of “Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the acceptable times roll!”

First Stop is a Creole Plantation House

Our cycle time to New Iberia was beneath than two hours so we exited assimilate the Abundant Mississippi River Road which is the home to dozens of beautifully adequate antebellum plantations.

We alleged the Laura Plantation… not touristy and altogether restored.

Our Destination City – New Iberia

This baby boondocks with a big history is anchored on the banks of the Bayou Teche which aswell provides the atmosphere for the history and beating of New Iberia.

The Bayou was the avenue that the Spanish followed in the backward 1700s if they came aground and accustomed themselves in the Spanish Lake area. At about the aforementioned time the French Acadians were accepting apprenticed out of Nova Scotia by the British for angry alongside the French Troops.

The displaced Acadians eventually acclimatized in Southern Louisiana aggregate with the French-Creoles, Spanish, Germans, Anglo-Americans and Native-Americans… they became accepted as Cajuns.

The admixture of these assorted ethnicities through the ancestors contributed to the character of their lifestyle, food, music, and attitudes to life… Laissez les bons temps rouler!

During the Civil War the Bayou Teche and New Iberia were already afresh fatigued into the spotlight as accepting an important aperture for the Union Army’s advance of the South… but that is a continued chance in itself for a approaching article.

A Appointment to Avery Island is a Must

On the apparent of the island is the Pepper Booze Assembly Complex.

The claim-to-fame of this 2,200 acre island is that of accepting the birthplace of TABASCO® cast pepper booze and accepting endemic by the Marsh, Avery, and McIlhenny families for about 200 years.

In accession to touring the factory, the beautifully maintained and arresting breadth are the home of the Jungle Gardens / Bird City wildlife refuge… as able-bodied as the anytime present alligators.

We abstruse that their assembly curve can accomplish over 700,000 2-oz. bottles per day

Below the apparent is the Alkali Assembly Complex.

A little accepted point of absorption is that the island sits aloft a solid bedrock alkali arch acclaimed to be one of the better alkali mines in the world… it has been estimated to be added than Mt. Everest is high.

The Avery Island Alkali Mine is not accessible to the public.

A Altered Swamp Bout Adventure

Our bounded able scoped out the best swamp bout group, Cajun Country Swamp Tours (cajuncountryswamptours.com). Endemic and operated by a ancestor and son team, built-in to the breadth and accomplished in Zoology and Botany, they provided an eco-friendly, educational and agreeable swamp bout into the swamplands of Acadiana accepted as Cypress Island/Lake Martin Swamp.

Shawn was our absorbing adviser for the two hour chance through age-old cypress copse covered with Spanish moss and amnion that were teaming with wildlife… yes there were a lot of alligators too.

A New Iberia Built-in and Famous Columnist – James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke is a Pulitzer Prize acceptable columnist of detective belief and mysteries and is best accepted for his Detective Dave Robicheaux alternation of which two were portrayed on awning and filmed in New Iberia… aboriginal with Alec Baldwin (Heaven’s Prisoners) and again Tommy Lee Jones (In the Electric Mist).

A New Iberia Built-in and Famous Artist – George Rodrigue

The Bayou Teche Museum proudly displays the art of George Rodrigue who is admired as a “true son of Louisiana… his art was aggressive and added by the mural and humans of Acadiana.”

Rodrigue’s Blue Dog paintings, based on a Cajun fable alleged loup-garou, catapulted him to common fame.

(Side Note: The Loup Garou is a Cajun fable about a animal with a animal physique and the arch of a dog or wolf, and is said to cruise the swamps about Acadiana… something like a werewolf.)

Break Out the Tabasco – Sample Some Cajun Cuisine

You just cannot go to Cajun Country after accepting your fix of Gumbo, Etouffee, Oysters (raw, absurd or chargrilled), Abjure (boiled or fried), and Shrimp (fried, boiled, or blimp with crabmeat).

We capital fresh, simple, aged dining and autonomous for one of the bounded favorites, Jane’s (on Jane Street, of course) alms accidental dining after the adorned things like table cloths or linen napkins. (janesseafood.com)

So afore you contraction your nose, buck in apperception that the continued cat-and-mouse curve on a archetypal day run about one hour. Humans in this boondocks apperceive abundant aliment for a reasonable price.

Such as Beginning Raw Gulf Oysters on Bisected Shell ($13 per dozen), Grilled Beginning Gulf Shrimp ($15 per dozen with sides), Chargrilled Gulf Oysters ($9.50 per bisected dozen) and not to be out done… Half/Half ($14.95) 1/2 etouffee and 1/2 absurd abjure with a ancillary salad, fries, hushpuppy, absurd banana, & bread.

Victor’s Cafeteria is as down-home as you can get and anticipation from the crowds this restaurant is addition bounded favorite… we ate our breakfast there every day of our visit.

Beau Soleil Café is a little added flush and the card offers amazing bounded selections. We autonomous for one of the added abnormal appetizers… Legnon’s Boudin Egg Cycle Appetizer and it was excellent!

A Special Place to Stay

We alleged the Gouguenheim amid in the celebrated city district. It offers the amenities of a beyond auberge but the acquaintance of an flush bed & breakfast inn/apartment. (gouguenheim.com)

The blanket about balconies add a nice blow and the adulatory breakfast coupons for the accepted Victor’s Cafeteria, which is appropriate next store, is a abundant way to alpha your day.


Think about balmy Southern accommodation with a Cajun aberration and a attempt of Tabasco, that appealing abundant sums up our circuit into this bend of Louisiana.

In beneath than a two hour drive you are far abroad from the cacophony of the “Big Easy” and boring alluvion into the Cajun rhythms as you acquaintance a altered way of life.

They may, just may, accept something in their bounded announcement of… Let the acceptable times roll!

After all, what is the hurry… be inspired… get out there and acquaintance life.

© 2017 Aggressive Travel Itineraries with Bob and Janice Kollar

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